The Four Best Ways To Play Space Marines Now?

Has the new psychic powers made Space Marines so powerful that there are 4 new amazing ways to play them? Come see my ideas on how to ride them to the top!

Some tips and tricks for the new Angels of Death Psychic Powers!

A few of these are just cool combos or silly ideas, but my last point is game breaking, so reader beware. It is the kinda thing you are going to start seeing in top ITC builds I believe, and really makes me question GW’s playtesting (Hey guys SM 30th b-day! BREAK EVERTYHING!!!)

GET TO THE TREES!!! Terrain Surfing
So this is really ALL ABOUT Geokenesis Power 6: Shifting Worldscape. Now this is a WC 3 power so you need some heavy hitters on the board. Things like Tiggy, Mephiston, Full Conclaves and Grey Knights work great for this. CRAZY RIGHT!

So read the power in the picture. Pretty spiffy and ridiculous. And completely open for some especially funny stuff.
1- Spin Terrain a vehicle is hiding in to get rear armour, or partially in to force dangerous terrain tests.
2- Make it really annoyingly dense in from of vehicles, jump infantry, bikes and jetbikes
etc. etc. I am sure you all can come up with some good stuff.

BUT the real idea here is why bother with Transports like Rhinos? Why not surf on Ruins towards your enemies. They are better than Rhinos, because your guys will be more resilient IMO and can “Disembark” and assault in the same turn. Make it even better by bolstering your Ruins with a Techmarine.  Crazy right? CRAZY FUN. You can also bring the enemy to you I guess, but that is not nearly as fun.

10 Internet Points to the first person that makes a Crimson Permanent Assurance Chapter.

ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US! Fortification Nullification

CONTINUING with shifting world scape from above, something really funny is you can move fortifications so
1- Skyshields
2- Promethium Relays
3- Aegis Defence Lines
4- Tau Tide Walls
etc. etc.

Now IDK if it can or can’t be a “building”, but right now I am ruling conservatively and going with the building rules on page 110 BRB, where it states Buildings use the Transport Vehicle Rules, the only difference is THEY CANNOT MOVE. So even though the power says “Anything that can be physically picked up”, you may want to be slightly conservative. Also, how would you move “multi part buildings” or networks of any type? However, if you and your group says buildings are free game, have at it.

BUT this means you can still STEAL a defence line or a prometium relay, or move all the Tau on their tidewall INTO ASSAULT RANGE or deny someone the benefits of their skyshield. All pretty annoying. And if you play you can move buildings to, you can do even meaner things, throwing bastions off of objectives and the like.

DAFT PUNKS- Technomantic Knights
For this one you can have one Knight LOW or really any unit of Knights. If you are taking 1 Knight, don’t bother with a full Technomantic Librarian Conclave, just 1 Lib will do. BUT if you are running ANY formation knights, check this

3-5 Knights (Baronial Court, Adamantine Lance, Exalted Court, Gallant Lance etc. etc. Which ever you like best. It doesn’t matter) + Librarian Conclave. I would likely use White Scars or Ravenguard chapter tactics. White Scars if I could afford bikes. All Libs roll on Technomantic IMO, but you can spread it out obviously, however you at least need to get Powers 4 and 5, Reforge and Warpmetal Armour. Basically, just buff and repair your knights CONSTANTLY. Haywire Armour/Tank threats to them if you have nothing else to do, and let the Knights worry about the infantry. I really like this table and to me it is the “Best” in that every power on their is useful in some way in a balanced list and nothing is overtly broken either, like on some of the other new tables.

I am sorry for this one. I really am. This is game breaking. I know. But I have to put it out there…
So look on the Fulmination table, power #6

Electrodisplacement. If anything should be WC3, it is electrodisplacement. What is allows you to do is swap your  psyker and his unit with another friendly, non vehicle unit. And you can charge after doing this. That is what makes this the utterly most broken power in the range of them all. Why? Well, Superfirends Death Stars (or Wulfen Star, or your what ever your flavour is) can now get a near guaranteed turn 1 assault, especially if you have a full conclave (2+ focal point casting). Why try and get invisibility when you can just BE THERE.

So the three best ways to deploy this IMO
1- A random drop podded in unit. Either something REALLY cheap you don’t care about in case you fail your psychic test, OR something resilient that needs to be near the enemy anyway, like Grav Cents or Flamer Sternguard.
2- A Skyhammer Devastator Squad. Equip one of the Squads with 4 x Missile Launchers or Lascannons so when you warp them out of there, they still have Range to shoot. However, still in your enemies face is another Dev Squad, 2 Assault Squads, and now a Death Star. But you will have 3 hard hitting units ASSAULTING TURN 1 in your enemies deployment zone.
3- This is the most OP IMO. Where the others rely on room to deploy a drop pod and can go off the board, this can not AND it can last ALL GAME, allowing you to warp around the board LIKE LIGHTING. What is it? A squad of scout bikers. Particularly white scars or astral claws if you can help it, for the skilled rider.

Why them? Well they infiltrate. Then scout move 6″. Then move 12″. Then you warp them out and your psyker and his unit in and they can assault 12″. AND your bikes can then turbo boost off to the next big threat and be there for a turn 2 or 3 warp/assault!. OH AND THEY CAN HAVE A LOCATOR BEACON to bring on all your other stuff.

So there you go. And remember, it is just a game…

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