The Mechanicum’s Secret Weapon? – Army Of One

By Joshua Dunkerly | April 3rd, 2016 | Categories: Adeptus Mechanicus, Army of One, Warhammer 40k


Whats pretty and blue and can destroy whole buildings with a single blast? The Ordinatus Ulator that’s what! Checkout the Mechanicum’s secret weapon!

Checkout this awesome tank brought to us by hobbimaniac Charles Burley.

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“See that town over there…Pffffzap…..now you dont”

If you click on the Army of One link you’ll be able to scroll through some great looking figures, all at once.

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I have been a hobbyist/player for 15 plus years. I like a multitude of tabletop games but mostly enjoy the ones where I get to build or paint something! Don't get me wrong, the game part is fun but there is nothing like putting a model you are truly proud of on a table.
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