The Only Good Dreadknight is a DEFF Knight!

By Collen Bigard | April 25th, 2016 | Categories: Conversion Corner, Conversions, Orks

deffknight by solav-d45m1y7

Here is a pretty sweet looted Dread Knight conversion for all the Ork lovers out there. Har Har har!

The dreaded Deff Knight brought to you by Solav from DeviantArt.



This…this is my beuty, a design I spent hours to build and hours to paint about 18 hrs worth of time. behold the first of the line I will design and creat to walk across the worlds in the form of their gods gork and mork!!!!

————Translation to Imperial Text—————-

If you’d Like to have one for thy own army of the ork’s as either Mega deff dread or deff dread I can custom, build, and design up from anything you wish, just supply me with the goods or pay me for the purchasing of the parts and the work and one can be your! painting and terrain will cost extra <3

—————–Transmission End———————

Solav from DeviantArt.

There you have it folks, get your Waaagh! on NOW.

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I have been playing and painting 40k since 2001. I'm a sucker for new models so I tend to switch armies every couple of years or so. After 7th edition came out I dropped out of tournaments from my local stores and have been focusing more on the hobby aspect of the game. I still play and enjoy the game just not on the competitive level.
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