When Legends Collide – Super Friends VS. Demonkin

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Robbie B, one of the most legendary of internet personalities, versus Horton, the most legendariest Daemonkin player of all time, go at it mano y mano!

Rob brought the Original Super Friends list, White Scars and Thunder Wolf Cavalry because it was a friendly local tournament and he wasn’t too worried about crazy lists.

Horton, is bringing his 2.0 Demonkin list, with double D Thirsters, gore packs and more MSU’s than you can wag your shield eternal at.


Round 1,

Horton goes first and scouts up his hounds.

“I was okay with it because he couldn’t assault me and it gave me an opportunity to get the charge off first. ‘you won’t be able to assault me, but you’re going to move up, and I’m going to be able to assault you.’ I think going second in any Objective based mission going second is always good idea,” Rob said, “When I saw I was able to assault two units at the top I decided to go up there and punch through.”

Horton tried to spread out his blood thirsters, which is good for being able to control the board, but also allowed Rob an opportunity to isolate one of them. Horton also had two blood letter squads in two rhinos for objectives. Rob, however, had objective secured scouts coming in hot in Rhino’s as well.

“He had to worry about it, he couldn’t have put any more on the line, but as I take out some of these squads it opens up assault avenues to those blood thirsters.

“Even though Rob failed his hit and run because the Blood Thirsters just landed, they won’t be able to charge the Super Friends next turn,” Kenny said. “Plus, the Super Friends aren’t too worried about a bunch of dogs charging them because they Literally have two-up saves and they’re going to give you an opportunity to rack up the kill points.”

Part of Horton’s plan was to try and get blood points, but because the mission was kil; points Rob wasn’t too worried about it but more concerned with his positioning. The eagle banner, granting fleet, was very advantageous for the assault along with Furious charge and they did a lot of damage. Rob hit and runs, rolls a six, and consolidates into the quagmire.


Round 2

Unfortunately for Rob, because of his low roll, he’s been opened up to assaults by the Blood Thirsters, which, because of the Company of the Great Wolf’s rules, meant that the Iron Wolf Priest would have to accept the challenge and probably get D’d out.

“I was a bit annoying, I was going to have to issue a challenge, but I did accept it with my other wolf characters, but the extra hits just eat through the squad.”

041216-RobVersusHorton-006Round 3

Horton blood tithes in some Juggernauts and moves towards the Rhino in the backfield, however, he fails to actually take out the rhino.

“If I can just hold this combat, not lose so much and bounce out I might be able to bounce out and go into the backfield. The Chapter master held strong, but I rolled bad, so bad. I rolled a 3.”

Because of a flesh hound in the super friends way the entire unit wasn’t able to be an inch away from the enemy and thus wasn’t able to hit and run out. The scouts come out and Rob concentrates fire on the hounds.

041216-RobVersusHorton-007Round 4

Regardless, the dream of going into the backfield is dead as the Blood Thirsters go to town. The Blood Letters in the Rhino go into Rob’s backfield and look to go after an objective. The blood crusher at the bottom of the screen just has one wound left, which, if Rob gets lucky could be a bright spot in the round.

The Blood Thirsters finish off the Super Friends, netting 8 kill points, and heads towards the center objective.

041216-RobVersusHorton-010Round 5

In the final round, Rob takes his Objective Secured Rhino with a lone scout inside and puts the pedal to the metal in order to grab the center objective. In end, these two legends not only tie on objectives but also kill points.


“That’s a great result for things going as sideways as they did.”

To hear the full play by play check out the video

7th Edition 40k Battle Report – Daemonkin VS Super Friends 


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