A Legend Retruns to Print – Chaplain Cassius Limited Edition

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He’s a legend in the war against the Tyranids, and now he’s getting the Limited Edition Treatment! Come see the new Space Marine Cassisus book!

Source:  Black Library

Space Marine Legends: Cassius Limited Edition $65.00



The Ultramarines defend the heart of the Imperium against the most dangerous enemies – the bio-engineered horrors of the hive fleets. But will Chaplain Cassius’ impetuous zeal help or hinder the sons of Macragge?

When a tyranid hive fleet is detected dangerously close to the Sol system, two entire companies of Ultramarines are sent to find and destroy the aliens. Led by their legendary Chaplain, Cassius, the Ultramarines must stop the tyranids, no matter what the cost. With typical bravery, courage and honour, the Ultramarines set about their task, but faced with impossible odds, and Cassius’s impetuous nature, victory is far from certain.

Cassius is all the rage just now, what with his appearance as a younger warrior in the Deathwatch game and accompanying fiction: now you can see him later in life, wounded, embittered and seeking vengeance upon the tyranids…

Written by Ben Counter


  • 176-page hardback novel with soft-touch cover and marker ribbon

  • Cover art has Cassius’ personal banner

  • Magnetic presentation box with soft touch lamination, spot UV, debossing & ribbon

  • Box art features Chaplain Cassius battling the extragalactic horror of the tyranids

  • Individual numbering from an edition of 1,500.

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Cassius is coming in hot, getting the street credit he deserves finally. Another sweet looking offering from Black library thats sure to satisify both collectors, and fans of the Tyranic War cycle as well.

Caution: Ignition Hazard!
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