Add METAL Bits to Your Models! – Brass Angel Wings

Add METAL Bits to Your Models! - Brass Angel Wings

Checkout a cheap and easy way to add stamped metal bits to your models, in today’s hobby corner!

So today I wanted to show off my old Blood Angels I did about 5 years ago. When I first started I wanted to stray away from the Blood and focus more on the Angel aspect of the army. Which meant a lot of shaving and trimming of Blood drops from models.

Needless to say it usually didn’t end well and I wasn’t to happy about it. I intended on just leaving most of my vehicles plain, except maybe the random eagle or scroll embellishments.

Lucky for me I ended up with a crafty wife who was currently into jewelry making with brass stampings. She had recently done some work with some angel wings and had some left over and gave me some ideas.

In the end they really helped the models stand out from vanilla space marines. Here are the results. The website we found them at is called Vintage Jewelry Supplies, and a simple search for wings will land you here where you can find the wings I used for these models.

Baal Predators-min


razorbacks 2-min

About the Author: Collen Bigard

I have been playing and painting 40k since 2001. I'm a sucker for new models so I tend to switch armies every couple of years or so. After 7th edition came out I dropped out of tournaments from my local stores and have been focusing more on the hobby aspect of the game. I still play and enjoy the game just not on the competitive level.
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