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By Rob Baer | May 22nd, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer Quest

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It’s not a trap! Games Workshop was quick to correct a passage in the trials book today for Warhammer Quest Silver tower today!

Source Games Workshop


Adventure Book, Passage 89 (page 31)

The explanation of how you build the exploration deck for this trial can allow you to encounter the grand chamber card before you should – to avoid this, replace it with the following: Before you go any further, you must construct the exploration deck for this trial as follows: Take the 7 exploration cards marked with the Hysh icon (shown above), returning the rest to the box. (You will not need them for this trial.) Set aside The Librarian, Searing Beams and Whirligig Passage. Of the four that remain, take two at random (without looking at them) and shuffle them together with the grand chamber card, Searing Beams. Once the three cards are shuffled, put them face-down next to the ingress chamber’s exit.

Next, shuffle together The Librarian with the two remaining cards, and put them face-down on top of the three cards you placed at the chamber’s exit. Finally, put Whirligig Passage on top. This completes the exploration deck. You can now return to the guidebook and begin your first trial.

Just one of the 90 or so passages in the trials book, but this one being first probably makes it the most inportant! Kudos to GW for making this right for all the hobbyists out here sinking their teeth into this now!

Checkout the video to get a great “hobby-centric” unboxing of the new game, and keep an eye out for our game-play video here soon as well!

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