Forge World Updates Two New Astartes Releases

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Forge World dropped some “official” sneak peaks of new products yesterday that they say may not be available until after July’s Forge World Open Day. Come see what’s in store soon!

Source: Forge World


You might have noticed that tickets for the Forge World Open Day 2016 are on sale now. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the fantastic new books and models that were talked about at Warhammer Fest will be on show at the Open Day, you might even be able to get your hands on a few of them ahead of them being availabe on the web store.

So what was shown off at Warhammer Fest? Here’s two of my favourites that were shown on the day…

legion mastodon

The Mastodon is huge! It’ll be carrying your troops and dreadnoughts into battle soon.
age of darkness collectors
The Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List collects together all of the units available to any Space Marine Legion – and this collector’s edition looks amazing!
Wow to be honest I missed the part about the Mastodon being able to carry dreadnoughts, but that sorta makes sense given it’s size and all.
Here’s what we know about the new Legiones Astartes Army “Red Book” and the Mastodon from the show:
There looks to be TWO versions of the new book coming, a collectors and a regular edition. This is the first collections edition Forge World has attempted for the Horus Heresy Series since Book IV: Conquest that seemed to take weeks to sell.
Currently the “old” version of the same book is still up for sale on Forge World’s site, which consumers should be wary of.
No specifics on what changes we’ll see, but with THREE books worth of releases to catch up on, I’m sure there will be more than a few entries added and perhaps some changes as well. Look for more on this release at the Forge World open in July.

Legion Mastodon: 

This awesome vehicle was spotted at Warhammer fest clock in at 499£ and apparently it was even on sale during the day.
legion mastodon


The Mastodon was in use by the Iron HandsSpace Marine Legion during the early stages of the Horus Heresy and most likely before. It is likely that other Space Marine Legions used the Mastodon as well. For example, at the outset of the One-Five-Four-Six ‘Kharaatan’ Campaign, the Salamanders had enough Mastodons to transport the entire Legion force present – approx 6000 Legionaries.(Via Lexicanum)

Learn More About the Mastodon

Two solid releases either way for Heresy fans, that I am sure will be worth the wait!

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