Hobby Hacks – For a Clean Airbrush, Just Dip the Tip


Is your Air Brush suffering from a Dry Tip? Is dry paint clogging your tip? Don’t lick it! Stick it in today’s Hobby Hack!

Mickey, from Mickey’s Mini’s, has been airbrushing for the past years and one of the things that has bothered him the most is the Phenomenon of Dry Tip, the crust that builds up when your spraying throw a small tip.

“It’s one of those things that put me off from airbrushing right at the beginning; the stop start nature of air brushing,” Mickey muses during the first part of his video. “Then I sat down and thought about it and realized the fix is so simple that I’m over the moon about it.”

So much build up! So much Innuendo! What’s the Trick? It’s a sponge. Just stick your tip into a moist sponge and spray on!


You’ll notice in the video his paint starts strong, the blob on the left, but eventually starts to clog up and paint just doesn’t come out like it used to; the light blob on the right.


A quick dab into a nearby sponge and Presto back to full flow.


Mickey said he’s tried a variety of techniques from Brushing to Spraying Isopropyl alcohol through his brush but sponge tip is by far his most efficient technique.

Thanks for the Tip Mickey!

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