NEW 40k – White Dwarf Teaser Means More 40k in June?

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Come see the new 40k that folks are saying is coming in hot for the middle of June based of the teaser and retailer reports.

You heard it here first, this week’s White Dwarf teaser is here, and it looks like it means new 40k!

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Miniwars is reporting that this may mean that Lost Patrol is indeed the third release in a three week back to back string of releases that started with the new bases and technical paints, followed by this weeks crates and splash releases.

because if no changes have  Lost Patrol, which information leaked in recent months. We are attentive to June 11 .

We had heard from retailers that GW was soliciting this product for a June 11th slot for either pre-orders of delivery.


This game will be available to pre-order from 11th June 2016

A fun and compelling two-player challenge, Lost Patrol is a boxed game set on a hostile jungle world full of sinister hidden danger! Players assume the roles of a Space Marine Scout squad and a fierce swarm of cunning Genestealers eager to end their lives. The Genestealers of Moraz III have every advantage on their home turf and will make every attempt to quickly despatch the human intruders.

The Scouts will almost certainly all die. But how far can you get? Will you ever see the drop pod tile? Each game becomes a challenge to try and get further – and because you can play a game in  about 10 minutes- you can play loads of it, and swap sides and make it a competition with your friends!

Inside the box, you’ll find five Space Marine Scouts, twelve Genestealers, six Infestations (the markers of imminent Genestealer appearance),thirty hex tiles and the full rules for play.

Lost Patrol $60 


So will it be Lost Patrol next week, or something… else?

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