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Anvil Industry has some new models in that look awesome! These new bits are the Republic Taurus Gun Tractors, and they would make great Kataphron models! 

These mini tanks look like they are ready to gun down any enemy foolish enough to face them.

Via Anvil Industry

Republic Taurus Gun Tractors Mk.II $29.25



This set contains Five Radoni Corporation Gun Tractor Units. Each Gun Tractor base is approximately 29mm long, 18mm wide and 13mm high, not including the weapon, and are supplied with 5X 40mm base.

You can choose to equip the Tractors with a variety of support weapons from the menu or purchase just the tractor bases with no weapon at a lower price (great for use in conversions).


These cool little Tractors would go great as some Kataphron Destroyers in your Adeptus Mechanicus army. Roll these bad boys out and go crazy with the dice! How would you use these Gun Tractors?

Death on tank treads

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