NEW BITS: Kromlech Lady Hellena – Druchii or Vampire?

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Kromlech has recently produced a simply stunning model. Lady Hellena has arrived and looks to be a Black Widow of Death. She comes with claws and a cool skull scepter. 

Via Kromlech

Lady Hellena $13.29


This set contains one mystic Lady Hellena. This is 32mm heroic scale model. Model consist of 5 resin parts (body, right arm with rod, left arm with claws, sword and dagger).
Plastic 25mm plain base included.

Lady Hellena would go great as a Haemonculus for your Dark Eldar Army or even a Vampire Queen for the Hordes of Undead in Age of Sigmar. How would you use the lovely Lady Hellena?

Wait til’ they get a load of me!

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