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By Rob Baer | May 2nd, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Come see the newest Rulebook release for 30k that’s coming our way from FORGE WORLD in just a few weeks!

Going to Warhammer Fest, and play Imperial Army in 30k? Well you’re dreams may have just come true:

Source Forge World 

ARMIES OF THE IMPERIUMimperial army lists Solar Auxilia
Every day Warhammer Fest is getting that little bit closer, and every day I’m finding out more about the great things that are going to be there. Take a look at what just landed in the Forge World Studio…

The Horus Heresy – Crusade Imperialis Army lists is packed with the collected and updated army lists, special rules and unit entries for the Solar Auxilia, Questoris Knights, the Imperial Militia, and Warp Cults.

Just like the new event exclusive model I showed you last week, this book is going to be available first at Warhammer Fest. Though, unlike the event exclusive model which will only be available at events, I hear this new book will be available on the web store soon afterwards.

There’s more to come on what’s going to be available at Warhammer Fest, so get your tickets whilst you can and keep checking this bulletin for more!

Good news for Imperial Army players. Now to get all these “red books” on digital!

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-Eureka – Another great idea!

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