RUMORS – New Horus Heresy Box Set & More Ad Mech?

By Rob Baer | May 18th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Come see the latest on a New Horus Heresy box set, and one Adeptus Mechanicus book to rule them all – but don’t forget the salt…

Tons of rumors are flying around this week as we come up to GW’s fiscal year end, however these rumors seem to be collaborated by multiple sources. Less salt required? You decide:

salt pie

Mount Saltmore

Source: Ishagu on B&C

Chapter Name: Ultramarines
A new HH box, similar to BAC:

-Forge Lord
-Assault Marines
-Tartaros Terminators
-Deredeo Dread (this surprised me!)

-Plastic Warhound Titan – in the works. (wow!)
-Ad Mech full Codex, new units, a robot bigger than the Kastellans.

GW have just acquired a new plastic print facility, more advanced than the last.
…just sharing


And as if right on cue, more “collaborating” rumors from another of the big ones:

Source: Squiggly (DISQUS)

New Assault squad? Yup, doubles as a Despoiler kit.

– Breachers? I know they were developing Mk3 armour, I hadn’t heard anything on this front in a while but it makes sense.

-Next boxed game is certainly similar to Calth, similar but not the same. It’s not a Calth sequel by any means. Should drop Fall time. I still think we’ll see the general release of the Calth stuff this month, but I could well be wrong.

New Admech book? I posted about this way back, I think it’s meant to come out fairly soon due to the FW book. New robot, check. It’ll be fairly “Colossus” and should help you “Conquer” a few worlds.

– Warhound Titan? Aye.

– And just because I love you all. 12 Horus Heresy books this year. About half will be reprint anthologies, but still… 6 brand new Heresy books in one year….

Well there you have it, some very specific rumors from folks whose stories seem to line up, well except the “plastic” part on the warhound. I’m pretty sure we’ll see new warhounds from Forge World’s Adeptus Titanicus that will be out at some point in the near future.

However I love the idea of a plastic Warhound just as much as a plastic Thunderhawk they would BOTH be amazing!

Tiny-Warlord adeptus titanicus warlord titan

Also the new Calth game remarks seem to line up with what Sad Panda was saying a few days ago as well.

Is Games Workshop winding up the hype machine? Or is there just that much awesome on the horizon folks?


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