Space Marines, Prepare for Glory! 300 at Adepticon

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Come see how some dedicated hobbyists brought the movie 300 to the tabletop, Space Marine style.

Nicholas Talbot, of Chicago, spearheaded (pun intended) this 300 inspired team effort.


“It’s something that I’ve been doing for a long time and it’s nice to just expand and do four players of Spartan people.” Talbot said. “We’re doing the Spartan event tomorrow and we have costumes; it’s going to be awesome.”


His teammate during the doubles event, Brian Jones, flew in from San Diego. The two originally met playing Warhammer Fantasy in Chicago. They’ve been coming to Adepticon for the past four years and haven’t let geography get in their way.


“Our list building process keeps us talking from coast to coast all year long.” Jones said, who was in for a surprise when he showed up earlier in the week, “When I got here Tuesday and very little was done. This was a pink board at 1145 last night.”


The duo where dressed in street clothes for the doubles tournament when but it came to the Team Tournament the four went all out and wore Spartan Costumes.

(Photojournalist Fail, I didn’t take any pictures of the team or Talbot’s Tattoo, yeah, you heard me, he got a Spartan tattoo)


Half the Army was done Tuesday night, which meant the other half had to be in just a couple of days. The entire set uses a variety of materials from the usual like Pink Insulation siding and Great Stuff (Expanding Foam) to the less common, like Thermoplastic for the Knight Titan’s cape.


“We had an airbrush fail at the last minute but we where able to borrow one and well, everything worked out.” Jones said.


“I do this because I’m always going to be able to take home my minis,” Talbot said. “If this was all pre-painted I wouldn’t be playing.


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