When Knights Fall – The Daemonknight Conversion

Daemonknight (1)

Hey guys today I wanted to show off what happens when an Iron Warrior Warsmith gets a hold of a Dreadknight and a Daemon Forge. Behold The Daemon Knight.

I used it as a counts as Bloodthirster as it was to big of a model to use a Daemon Prince. Iron Within, Iron Without. I picked up a used Dread Knight from a friend and turned it to the dark side. I used a left over chest piece from the Daemon Prince kit and replaced the termie carrier with that. I added some greenstuff to fill in the gaps on the side and level out the waste.


Added some cables using some green stuff again for the bigger ones and then the smaller ones I used guitar strings for. They work great for conversions since they are very bendable and have a nice texture to them.


The wings were from the plastic GW Balrog kit. They worked out well as the daemon prince wings were a little small for a model this size. The sword is from the Soul grinder box set and helped round the model out.

I decided he was to big to be just a daemon prince any more so decided he would make a great counts as Blood Thirster for my Iron Warriors.

About the Author: Collen Bigard

I have been playing and painting 40k since 2001. I'm a sucker for new models so I tend to switch armies every couple of years or so. After 7th edition came out I dropped out of tournaments from my local stores and have been focusing more on the hobby aspect of the game. I still play and enjoy the game just not on the competitive level.
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