GW: New Organized Play is Coming For 40k Too

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marine and chaos cosplay

Looks like 40k is getting some organized play fun too this summer. Checkout what else is coming from Games Workshop soon !

Source: Games Workshop (facebook)

suffer not the alien to live 40k

An activity series you say? That sounds familiar:


Each kit contains:

  • 4 Missions of various engagement levels
  • 1 Painting Competition
  • 1 In-Store Building Activity

  • 3 sets of participation certificates for the hobby-centric  Engines of war build, and the Armored Escalation Painting events (one set for veterans and Youngbloods alike)
  • Badges (the pins pictured below)
  • Tank Shock Tokens (the punch token cards for vehicle damage, etc.)

Tank shock was a series of several linked activities, so looks like something new for 40k to keep interest moving forward for veterans and new (Vedros) players alike:

suffer not the alien to live lost patrol

A new series of Warhammer 40,000 activities starts today in Games Workshop and Warhammer stores across the world.
This week the theme is assembling and painting Genestealers and Space Marine Scouts.

There’ll be painting competitions, building workshops and more. Get in touch with your local store and find out how you can get involved.

Here’s the latest on GW’s very first campaign in a very long time:

GW: The New Summer AoS Campaign ANNOUNCED!

Source: GW (facebook)

gw aos clogbal campaign age of sigmar

What We Know:

  • The Global Campaign Returns from GW.
  • It begins July 14th


So lots of fun and exciting new things in store for both 40k and Age of Sigmar at stores across this globe this summer!

Brush up on Spring’s Tank Shock Activity Legaue

~Will you play both??

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