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lost patrol white dwarf 124 cover

Come see the intro and gameplay walk though for the brand new Lost Patrol Board game that will be coming out way soon!


Only death is certain in the grim Dark future, and that is no different for Marines and Scouts alike:

Source: Scanner

lost patrol (5) turn sequence

lost patrol (3) lost patrol (8)

If you want some crisp HD pics of the new set, checkout BoLS’ teaser:

Here’s today’s morsels Grimdark fans!


And here’s how you can preorder it:

Lost Patrol $60 

Moraz III – a deadly jungle world filled with danger and fear, populated by ferocious aliens who wait in the undergrowth to pounce on the unwary and mercilessly kill anyone who stumbles across them. Even the plant life itself is malignant here, constantly twisting and growing in unnatural ways to trap its prey.

A dropship containing vitally important surveillance files has crash landed on this hostile planet. It’s up to you and your squad of Space Marine Scouts to retrieve these files, activate the dropship, and hopefully escape with your lives.

A fun and compelling two-player challenge, Lost Patrol is a boxed game set on a hostile jungle world full of sinister hidden danger! Players assume the roles of a Space Marines Scout squad and a fierce swarm of cunning Genestealers eager to end their lives. The Genestealers of Moraz III have every advantage on their home turf and will make every attempt to quickly despatch the human intruders.

The Scouts will almost certainly all die. But how far can you get? Will you ever see the drop pod tile? And each game becomes a challenge to try and get further – and because you can turn games around in 10 minutes when you get into it, you can play loads of it, and swap sides and make it a competition with your mate.

Inside the box, you’ll find five Space Marine Scouts, twelve Genestealers, six Infestations (the markers of imminent Genestealer appearance),thirty hex tiles and the full rules for play.

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The new game will go on order June 11th. Lock yours in NOW!

~More Lost Patrol  soon!

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