Looking to Add Some Fallout Favor to Your Army?

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Do you feel the need to add some Fallout to your 40K because, well, why not? Check out these sweet mini’s from Brother Vinni’s.

Soldier In Power Armor €6


These cool guys come in 28mm resin casting however, only comes in one pose. If this was multipart this would be pretty awesome for a special squad but as it stands would still be an awesome models for a Sergeant. They all carry a super neat heavy weapons model which you could easily convert to be a Multi-Melta or a Heavy Bolter. These might also work well as Solar Auxilia models as well well.


These might also work well as Solar Auxilia models as well well. Regardless, these models are pretty damn cool and would be fun just to paint up all by themselves in my opinion. Brother Vinni’s offers a variety of other models as well that could be used in your other armies as well. Give em a look, they might have the model you’ve been looking for!

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