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Anvil Industry has some more infantry models for you guys, but these are special! These minis are part of their Regiments line and are designated heavy! 

Always need more soldiers for the meat grinder.

Via Anvil Industry

Regiments – Heavy Infantry $38.98


A complete squad of Ten Heavy Infantry.

The basic Uniform contains –

  • Armoured Legs
  • Armoured Arms
  • Heavy Torso
  • Ballistic Visor Helmets

Note that we will automatically include one of each of the available leg and arm pose sprues, to give you the maximum number of poses.

Certain Weapons are marked as (Recommended), these are the new style products which work best with the Regiments arms and weapon accessories, the older products work fine, but need slightly more modelling work. Further new weapons – an SMG and Auto-Shotgun, will be made available in late June as part of Wave two.

These beefy guys could be used as Space Marine Scouts, I don’t believe they are big enough to be fully fledged Space Marines but its up to you, Dear Hobbyist. How would you use the Regiment Heavy Infantry? That’s an order!

Boots on the ground


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