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Puppetswar has some models that are jumping in to the battle and ready to go! These are their Air Strikers models and they have cleared the drop zone.  

Via Puppetswar

Air Strikers $55.75





Set contains all parts need to build 10 Air-strikers (one set of Strike armours, one set of Striker heads, two sets of Rotor type Wing-packs, one set of feft palm Combat pistols, one set of storm swords, and 100 3/1mm neodymium disc magnets). Bodies, wing-packs and hands have 3x1mm holes allows to mount the magnets, and the use of magnets allows for very simple assembly and disassembly of the hands, and the wing-pack, according to preferences.

Models are designed to fit 28mm “heroic” tabletop wargames scale (maximum 36mm high from foot to top of the head).

These models would make great Space Marine Assault Squad. They stand ready to jump in the the thick of battle for the Emperor! Pick some up today!

Death from above!

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