New Black Library – The Angels of Caliban ARRIVE!

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Angels of Caliban lion el johnson night haunter

Will Primarch Lion El’Jonson cause a civil war? Find out in Horus Heresy Book 38: Angels of Caliban. Get your copy today!

The wait is over! Angels of Caliban is here. Will Primarch Lion El’Jonson’s actions tear apart the fragile alliance of Imperium Secundus and cause a civil war?

Source: Black Library

Angels of Caliban: Hardback – $30.00


With the Dark Angels spread across a hundred systems, primarch Lion El’Jonson stands as Lord Protector of Ultramar – though his true motives are known to few indeed, and old rivalries on the home world threaten to tear the Legion in half. But when word comes of the Night Lords’ attack on Sotha, the Lion’s brutal actions bring Imperium Secundus once again to the brink of civil war. Not even the most fearsome warriors of the Dreadwing, nor any arcane secret of the Order, can guarantee victory if he sets himself against his loyal brothers.

Angels of Caliban: Audio Book – $49.99

Audiobook running time 10 hours and 57 minutes. Narrated by John Banks

Is this the beginning of the end? Read Angels of Caliban to find out if the Imperium Secundus will crumble.

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