NEW MINIS – Another Primarch Reimagined, in Miniature

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Love custom figures based on the Grim Dark? Come see some of the first pictures of another amazing new Primus (Primarch) miniature that’s coming soon!

Wargame Exclusive sent us these Work in Progress images of some great WIP shots of their new Primus line of Grim Dark Miniatures.  This guy looks like a certain shadowy primarch…

primarch mortarion miniature plague primus

WIP is Plauge Primus 



From Obliterators to Sisters of Battle, and even those fishy aliens, upstart Wargame Exclusive miniatures looks to have you covered when it comes to customizing your army!

Word on the street is you can look for Plague Primus model to go on sale shortly over on Wargame Exclusive’s site!

Wargame Exclusive’s Webstore

-Lock down your wallet before you click….

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