Top 5 X-Wing Lists, Before Imperial Veterans

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Imperial Veterans have finally arrived! Come see a run down of the Current Top 5 X-Wing lists before the TIE Defenders break open the meta game.

Let’s get to it!

List #1

Star Wars X-Wing TIE Phantom Expansion Pack 1

Whisper + Veteran Instincts + Fire‑Control System + Advanced Cloaking Device + Agent Kallus
Captain Yorr + Emperor Palpatine
Omega Leader + Juke + Comm Relay

Still on top is the Imperial faction. This list features a super hard to kill ship with super support in the form of the Emperor changing your dice for the better. Omega Leader is a potent wingmate that forces hard decisions on your opponent. Do you attack when you cannot modify your dice, or attack a ship with 4 green dice and a reroll?

List #2


The Inquisitor + Push The Limit + Autothrusters + TIE/v1
Omicron Group Pilot + Emperor Palpatine
Omega Leader + Juke + Comm Relay

The top Imperial Aces list features focuses on having multiple threats to divide up the enemy and strike them down. The Inquisitor and Omega Leader can go tag team on an enemy ship, only to have Wampa deal the death blow with his ability to deal a facedown damage card. The Emperor is ever-present in any respectable Imperial list these days.

List #3


Contracted Scout + Deadeye + R4 Agromech + Extra Munitions + Plasma Torpedoes + Guidance Chips x3

You know them. You hate them. The only Scum list to remain in the current top rankings is triple Jumpmaster, but would you expect any less? These large based ships have super Sayain levels of action economy and enough hull to take the hits and keep on rolling. After munitions are spent, large turrets are the way to go to chisel your opponent down after taking Plasma Torpedoes to the face.

List #4


Rear Admiral Chiraneau + Engine Upgrade + Rebel Captive + Emperor Palpatine + Adaptability
Whisper + Veteran Instincts + Fire‑Control System + Advanced Cloaking Device

The Decimatior is a big ship to take down, and it doesn’t help that Whisper is flying around and zapping ships with 5 dice attacks at range 1. Rebel Captive adds and element of control as the first ship that tries to shoot the Decimator will receive a stress token. This removes unpredictability and allows Whisper to line up those perfect shots.

List #5


Green Squadron Pilot + Chardaan Refit + A‑Wing Test Pilot + Autothrusters + Crack Shot + Adaptability x5

A-Wings have amazing maneuverability and the Adaptability Elite slot allows them to either bump up or bump down their Pilot Skill in order to ensure precise placement on the table. Crack Shot allows you to cancel evades for when you get hot dice rolls. % ship Rebel builds are almost unheard of. Hats off to this amazing Rebel player here. Shine on you crazy diamond!

These are the current Top 5 lists according to our friends at MiniRanker. Will the Defenders change the meta game into a whole new beast? Only time and crafty pilots will tell.

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