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If you thought regionals will be big, checkout this event that’s cranking prize support to 11 by offering a grand prize of one of every X-Wing Ship!

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Looking to turn your squadron of X-Wing into a fleet? The 2016 American Team Championships is you way to do it!

Are you the best pilot in the Galaxy? Well Spikey Bits’ very own Rob Baer and his staff of business cats, are bringing X-Wing to ATC for the first time ever on Saturday, July 23, at Camp Jordan Arena. Make sure you register early because we’re expecting tickets to sell out fast.

Of course there will be a slew of prizes and trophies for the Top 3, in addition to the grand prize of over $1200 in X-wing ships. Bonus Round: More participates means more prizes!


Oh, and I did I mention the Auto-Win button?

Auto-Win Mode: Even if all you want to do is play, you can still score a 5.00 food voucher for the concession stand just for bringing a play mat.


So, bring 100 points, be prepared to play using the standard FFG tournament guidelines, expect the swiss rounds with a cut to top, (rounds and cut dependent on participants) and be ready to check in at 8am and play until 7pm.

Plus for all your folks coming in from out of town, there’s a X-Wing Team tournament Friday night at the hotel as well!

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Get the full details here

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