11 Steps to Speed Painting an Army’s Worth of Bases

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Yo Dawg, today, we’re going to speed paint all the bases for an entire Age of Sigmar Dwarf army!

This tutorial is brought to you by Optimus Stien; he came down from on high and said, “Kenny, I want in on this Age of Sigmar. Make it happen.” Which means we have 10-13 days to get this entire commission done. So today we’re getting the bases done even before we even get the models.


Step 1. We’re going to be painting this big and beautiful base from Secret Weapon Mini’s. We based it with Army Painter Shadow Grey. I love it.


Step 2. We’re hitting it with some Game Color White. We’re going to water it down and come in wit a thin coat of white. We’re pre-shading them for a wash. This helps us so that the highlights stay highlighted after we wash it all down. We’re just brightening the tall spots


Step 3: P3 Bloodstone into the dirt/gravel area’s. We’re not going to be painting everything the same color because it’s lazy; lazy as shit. I’ve done it before it the past and it’s just not next level. It’s not even first level. It looks a bit ridiculous now but bear with me.


Step 4: Vallejo Scarlett Blood over the browns. I wanted them to be red and it compliments the red. In my mind all this gravel might be from these ancient runes.


Step 5. Lacquer High Gloss, they’re already glossy but we’re just going to make them super glossy.


Step 6. Vallejo Black, this is almost an ink, it’s almost TOO dark if you don’t use a gloss. Just pile it on and it’ll drop down into all the cracks. Make sure you clean up the spots where it pools on the tops we only want these in the down deep spots.

Step 7. Next up, we’re mixing menoth white base and Orange brown. We’re going to put them on our pallet and just using them both comboing It up in a slightly wet dry brush.Maybe I need more contrast I do Orange Brown, maybe I need less contrast I do the menoth white. I use it because it’s more natural than regular white.


Step 8. Now we’re going to the menoth white again but this time it’s more of dry brush. Make sure you get all the ridges and let the white do what it does. This is dry dry.

Step 9. Then we’re going to the menoth highlight white and only hitting the very top peaks and it’s going to help pop out the rocks.


Step 10. Now we’re going scarlet blood, wet/dry brush over the runic things and only hitting the highs.


Step 11 Next, we’re taking sunny skin tone with the red, but subtle and into the peak and you can see it making us some highlights.


And that’s that.


Copy paste on the rest of your bases doing them all at the same time. These are quick basic techniques that you can apply to your army.


For the full scoop, all the techniques, and to see it done like magic before your eyes hit the video.

How To Paint Realistic Bases – Speed Hacks

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