3 BIG Tricks To Just Keep Painting Your Minis

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Do you suffer for can’t  paint your army-itis? Well if you do there is still hope! Come see the three BIG tricks to staying focused to just keep painting your miniatures!

Max here, once again, answering one of the question that came from my previous article here on Spikey Bits!

It seems to puzzle a lot of people how after a big painting rush or tournament or commission job, I just seem to keep painting.


Much like any other jobs or things that you like, some days everything comes together, and other days you have to work at it. And because this is a job for me, I had to come up with tricks to get my motivation going.

These may not come up as often when you’re doing it just for fun, but it’s always good to know when to kickstart motivation when that big tournament is right around the corner and you need those models done despite the gazillion distractions or things that seem more fun just about now.

And we all know that once we have something do to, suddenly everything looks like its more important and/or more fun. I mean, I once decided to help my buddy repair his roof in 30 Celsius weather rather than paint. If that’s not dedication to procrastinate, I don’t know what is.


Number 1 : Do the Worst at your best.

Remember I mentioned those days when you felt motivated to do stuff. Whether it’s all natural motivation and you feel like it, or you poured Redbull in your coffee that day, you hear colors and you just can’t be stopped, you are motivated. LOOK AT YOU GO!

Use this kick to do the most boring part of your work. As of right now, I’m working on a box of Overkill. I can’t wait to do the Marines. I love Deathwatch, they’re easy to do and they look incredibly badass. The Genestealer cult, meh. As such, when I’m really in the zone, I do the genestealers.


This applies to whichever part you dread. Just leave that part to that moment when you’re really in the zone and can’t be stopped.

Number 2 Just Start something

For some weird evolutionary reason, we as humans of all shapes and size are programmed to crave finishing what we start. It’s why most video game and phone apps nowadays are designed to congratulate you or send you infinite notifications for even the most pedestrian of accomplishment. You know you just love it!

In the same fashion, you can trick yourself into finishing stuff, by actually starting stuff. No matter what you do, just start something. Need to assemble stuff? Unclip them from the sprues. Want to start painting? Prime away! You don’t even need to finish that, leave your bunch of unclipped models around and you’ll find yourself sitting there and assembling them the next day.


Just like jumping in the pool, the hardest part is actually starting, once you’re in there, it’s much easier and it isn’t so bad. Don’t dip your toe in; show me your warface and canonball right in!


Number 3 : Reward system

This is easier to apply if you enjoy painting, but can still be done if you hate every second of your hobby experience. Set yourself a small goal, and set yourself a reward once you finish said goal.

If you like painting, this can be as simple as « Once I finish this tactical squad, I can paint the Captain » Or whichever model you feel like painting. Or once I airbrush the basecoat on the whole army, I can buy these new Horus Heresy characters.

If you don’t like painting, set yourself some other goal that involves something you actually like.  Once I get this unit of Jetbikes to 3 colors, I can play Left 4 Dead for the rest of the night » Make your goal something decent that you will actually be proud of, try not to settle for the least amount, as it’s defeating the purpose.

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