How Would YOU Design a Gaming Case?

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How would you design your dream gaming case to carry all of your miniatures to a tournament or local gaming shop?

If you’re carrying your miniatures around in some junk bags or even an extremely expensive army case there is always something you think “this could have been done different”. Now you may have some input on what a future gaming case could contain.


Source: Tiny_Titan

I am an industrial design and technology student at Loughborough university.

Over this summer I want to design the perfect gaming carry case/ bag as a personal project that could (and may well) go to manufacture. I have many ideas at the moment but , as with all design projects, I need lots of case studies, if you will pardon the pun, from many different hobbyists. Any help (see below) would be greatly appreciated, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, and if my design is well enough received, there is a very good chance that I will make a kickstarter project and start manufacture!!

Any help from you may be rewarded with discounts if my project goes to kickstarter!
so, if you wish to help, please tell me about your experience!

Any information about any/ all of the following areas will help!

1 – what do you currently use to transport models?

2 – what sized models/ how many do you usually take to game?

3 – how many books/ dice/ other equipment do you take?

4 – What is the most annoying thing about hobby cases?

5 – what features do you really like about hobby cases?

6 – do you feel comfortable being in public with a gaming case?

7 – how many gaming systems are you likely to take with you in a trip?

8 – do you prefer a hard case, a bag, or a combination?

9 – how much would you be willing to spend on a hobby case that could safely and stylishly transport your models?

10- what do you think about having several sized case options?

11 – how would you carry your case, for example, by a handle, a carry strap or backpack?

12 – any other comments you wish to make?

feel free to PM me if you wish!



This is a great idea and I definitely wish more companies would get some feedback form the community before jumping straight into the design phase of their product. Make sure you give Tiny_Titan any ideas or concerns you can come up and help him get this Kickstarter going!

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