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Let’s talk model modifications baby! Come see how to upgrading your model’s options on the cheap using BITS!

With starter set miniatures or used miniatures you might be missing some of the command models that make the unit a little bit better. Don’t fret, it is incredibly easy to add a banner or swap out a weapon on a miniature, to get the Icon, musician, or special weapon ability.

For example let’s take the Blood Warriors you get in the Age of Sigmar starter set. The warscroll says they may take an icon bearer and with 10 models a goreglaive.

chaos blood warriors

Hop on eBay and pick up another 5 Blood Warriors from the starter set for cheap (like 12 dollars cheap) to get to the magic number 10. Time to find some bits that will work for the icon bearer and glaive.

The key is to keep the feel of the army, so if you are looking for a chaos (Khorne in this case) icon keep it to Chaos Fantasy or 40k pieces.

Here I found mighty skull crushers banner and horn for $2.50. For the goreglaive a quick google on the word glaive means it is just a really big stick with a large ax on the end.


Sorta like this but less Spikey, but now that I think of it spikey may work too..

So I was not as picky and found one from a high elf lord for 99 cents. With bits I try to buy from the same seller so I can combine shipping. With this we are talking 5 dollars for the bits and another 12 for the 5 models so 17 total. Which is much cheaper than spending 62 dollars + shipping on a unit of 10 blood warriors from GW that come with a gore glaive and standard.

Not to mention it makes that unit look a little more unique than someone else who bought the box.


Gluing them on is even easier, simply take a box cutter or clippers and where the model makes a fist around the weapon cut at the top and smooth it out with a file. Then with the bits make sure there is not a hand or something on the haft of the banner pole or weapon (if there is cut it above that and smooth the end) and then just glue it where the weapon used to be.

The warrior looks like it is gripping the end of the banner pole or weapon haft. It is that easy and now your unit is complete with an icon bearer and champion or whatnot. You can do this with any models the key is to make it look like they are holding the weapon, standard, etc. so focus on the hands of the model you are looking to add the modification to.


Also on a final note don’t be afraid to make your own weapon or banner! For example I needed two Tzeentch banners for some used pink horrors I bought, but could not find a Tzeentch banner anywhere online.

Time to get crafty! A pack of 2 dark elder venom poles for a buck that if the top is cut off will work as a pole. Then I found 2 Tzeentch Icon bits 40k tanks that I could glue on top for the icon. Total cost 4 dollars after shipping.

Now you have 2 units of pink horrors with full command in your army if you want.


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