Spectacular NMM D-Thirster Spreads His Wings

wings - back bloodthirster

An amazing Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster paintjob is here by Top Miniatures painting studio. Take a look at this bad boy!


We are very excited to display the centerpiece of the Khorne army we’ve been painting recently as a commission for Spikey Bits’ Cat Commander Rob Baer.

Being an impressive sight from its height and detailing, the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage it’s an amazing model which we had a lot of fun painting. By respecting the color scheme of the rest of the Khorne models, we’ve used non-metallic colors for the Bloodthirster’s axe and armor, which go really well with the red skin of the Daemon. Because it is such a detailed model, we have been especially careful with the most important of it’s features:

close up

The Golden Armor

A non-metallic gold effect was achieved with a brown to yellow blending and white highlights added on the edges of the armor.

full body

The Wings

Black wings with a light grey airbrush touch on them seemed to work really well with the rest of the model. We took advantage of the symbols on its wings which were brought to life with a bright orange palette. Because of the contrast between them and the black wings they really come forward as main details. We got a lot of compliments for these little details while displaying this model.

wings - back

The double-handed Axe

We have painted it with a non-metallic steel, using slightly blue-ish nuances of light grey to achieve this effect, and we’ve also used a copper non metal for the details of the axe. The “Bugman’s Glow” citadel color together with whiter highlights and a Bloodletter glaze over it helped achieve this non-metallic metal effect. Also a little bit of Nihilath Oxide gave it a older, worn out oxidized metal effect.


The Chain-Tail

A nice touch to the model it’s the chain rooted to the Bloodthirster’s spine. We got this bit from the other axes and whips from this model’s kit. It makes him unique and it’s a really cool little detail, especially the end of the metallic chain which is ablaze.


The Base

Because he’s not already tall enough, and he doesn’t need to hide behind cover (Haha) we provided him with a really tall base. He is majestically leaping from the top of a rocky formation, leaving behind the piles of skulls stranded on the rocks below him, or just floating in a pool of post-apocalyptic goo.


A centerpiece of the army

Working on him has been a very enjoyable experience for us, with a great end result. We are proud of him, as being one of the best quality miniatures we’ve painted. He does an amazing job as the centerpiece for the Khorne army.

complete khorne army

You can watch him on YouTube, showcased in 4K quality:

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