Warzone Fenris – The Space Wolves Turn on the Dark Angels!

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Space Wolves turn against the Dark Angels and the struggle against Chaos in the Fenris system continues in this new War Zone Fenris short.

The Space Wolves are now against their fellow Space Marines, the Dark Angels, in their continued struggle against the forces of Chaos in Wolf Trap, the new eShort from Black Library. As if anything couldn’t get any worse!

Source: Black Library

Things take a sinister turn in the Fenris system, as Wolf Lord Egil Iron Wolf swears vengeance upon the Dark Angels for their actions in defence of Midgardia…

Wolf Trap: $4.99

Wolf Trap Black Library Fenris Legacy of Russ 6
All across the Fenris system, the Space Wolves battle to drive back the forces of Chaos. Though an entire Imperial crusade fleet has arrived to aid the fight, their motives and actions are at odds with the Space Wolves’ own, and tempers are running high. When Egil Iron Wolf and his company emerge from the underworld to find Midgardia a world of ash, and all its people dead, they swear a terrible vengeance on the Dark Angels who instigated the attack.

Will the Space Wolves ever banish the presence of Chaos from the Fenris System? Don’t miss out on a second of the action. Head over to Black Library and pick up this short for yourself!


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