32mm Scale Alien Vs Predator Dropship Arriving Soon

dropship avp

Bring the sickest flyer ever to the grim dark future by fielding the Alien vs Predator Dropship! In the pipe go in the pipe, five by five!

This has to be one of the best looking flyers that has come to the tabletop to this date, and it’s 32mm scale- perfect for games in the Grim Dark Future! Check it out!

Alien Vs Predator Dropship £150

avp dropship
avp dropship avp dropship avp dropship

New product

Limited edition model.

Manufactured to order, usually ships within 4 business days.

28mm true scale miniature.

Dimensions : Length – 41cm (16.41″)  Width with unfolded weapon wings: 25.5cm (10.03″) Height with unfolded weapon wings: : 16cm (6.3″).

Here’s some shots from the creator:

drop ship 14054227_1221224501232054_2469499778384936337_n

Make sure you head over to Prodos Games and grab your AVP dropship before they are all gone!

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  • Victor Hartmann

    I’m not big into flyers but that would be seriously tempting.

    Counts as Valkyrie?

  • Michael silva

    did I get this right e150 = 199 usd

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