40k’s Deathwatch Rules – REVEALED!

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deathwatch-logo RUMORS - Deathwatch Codex Coming Soon!

First the new models, and now we have the rules! Come see the full reveal the new Deathwatch Space Marines rules from their new codex book!

If you missed this over the weekend, well here’s the collection of new Deathwatch rules from that wily luchiban who’s back on Dakka.

Source: luchiban 

The “Chapter Tactic” of the Deathwatch is called: Mission Tactics. At the beginning of your first turn you choose: HQ, Elite, Troops, Fast Attack or Heavy Support. You may reroll 1`s to hit vs Targets of the chosen type. Once per battle, at the beginning of any of your turns you may change the chosen type.

Watch Master:
– 175 points
– Chapter master profile (No EW)
– 2+ Armour sabe
– Equipped with: Guardian Spear, Granades, Clavis, Iron Halo
– Special Rules: IC, Mission Tactics, ATWKNF, Tactic Master

Guardian Spear: S+1, AP2, Melee, 2 hands, Block (Once per turn choose an attack the hit the bearer. Roll a D6, if the result is higher than the to hit roll of the enemy, attack is ignored).
Clavis; -1 to WS, BS and I to enemy vehicles at 6″
Tactic master: If chosen as the Warlord, you may change the Mission Tactic rule one additional time per game.

Watch Captain
– 95 points
– Company master profile
– Usual equipment + special ammo
– May be equipped with anything really,

– 95 points.
– Same as normal chaplain + special ammo.

– 70 points (Lvl 1, +25 for Lvl2)
– Same as usual + special ammo.


– 110 points for 5 models
– Usual profile
– Up to 5 more models in the unit
– Any veteran may be equipped with CCW, Special Weapons or Shot Weapons (Translation may be inaccurate)
– Up to 4 veterans may be equipped with Heavy Weapon
– Any model may be equipped with Heavy Thunder Hammer (+30/model)
– One Veteran may be upgraded to Black Shield
– One Veteran may be upgraded to Watch Seargent and may change his CCW for a Xenosomething blade and may purchase equipment from the Special List
– Rhino, Razorback or Corvus thing as Dedicated Transport

deathwatch marine

Shot Weapons:
– Bolter, Assault bolter, … etc. As usual

Special Weapons
As usual +:
– Deathwatch shotgun 16″ S4, AP-, Assault 2 Shred
16″S4 AP4 Assault 2
Template, S3, AP6, Assault 1

– Silence Bolter

As usual

Heavy Weapons
As usual+:
– Heavy Bolter may get Inferno ammo (24″, S1, AP-, Blast, Poison2+) +5 points
– Infernus Heavy Bolter: 36″ S5, AP 4, Assault3
Heavy Flamer
Non of the profiles is one use only. Inferno HB costs +20 per model.
– Deatchwatch Frag cannon: Template S6 AP- Assault2, Rending
24″ S7 AP3, Assault 2, Impact
Impact: if target is at 12″ or less: S9 and AP2


– 40 points per model (max squad size is 5, min 1)
– Any model may get: Hammer + Shield (+10) or Claws (Free).
– Any model may get: Power Sword (free), Chainfist (+5), Power Fist with aux meltagun (+10)
– Any model may get: Heavy Flamer, Assault Cannon or Cyclon Missile Launcher (usual costs)

Power fist with aux meltagun: May use it as a meltagun and a power fist in the same turn. No one-use limitation

No visible changes here

Vanguard Veternas
No visible changes here but have the special ammo rule.

Fast Attack

-30 points per model
– Special ammo
– Skilled rider
– Split fire
– Squad size (1-5)
– Any model may get power sword (+5)
– Any model may get melta bombs (+5)
– Any model may get teleporting beacon (+10)

Corvus Blackstar
– 180 points
– Twin Linked Assault Cannon
– Black star launcher thing: S4, AP6, Bomb1, Big Blast
S5, AP4, Bomb1, Big Blast, Ignores Cover
– 4 Stormstrike missiles
– Ceramite Plating
– Assault Vehicle
– Attack Flyer
– Transport Capacity: 12. May transport Jump Infantry and Bikes !!!!
– May change the TW Assault Cannon for twin linked lascannon (free)
– May change the 4 misseles for a twin linked Blackstar missile Launcher: 30″ S6, AP4, Heavy 1D6, AA
30″ S4, AP5 Heavy1, Big Blast, Ignores Cover

deathwatch hor

Here’s What We Know About The New Deathwatch:

Wow well looks like this new mode kits is STUFF to the gills with not just conversion bits, but also whole new models designed from the ground up in new MK VIII plate armor.

Source: Astropate (Facebook)

Looks like someone got a hold of an author’s copy of the digital book (similar to the early digital Ad Mech/ Skitarii pictures that were spotted back in 2015).

Anyone missing an iPad in Nottingham?

So from the looks of these digital images from the enhanced edition we can see what may be a number of new kits:

  • New Flyer Corvus Blackstar
  • Deathwatch Upgrade Kit
  • Watch Commander model

Plus the book holds 15 new datasheets, what looks to be seven new formations, what may be two detachments / formations, and the Black Spear Strike Force.

Judging by the position of the Black Spear Strike force that may be a Decurion style detachment that’s similar to both the Lion’s Blade and Gladius Strike Forces as well.


Plus look close at all of the Power Armor models, with the raised neck gorgets and armor styling these suits appear to be the rare but most recent MK VIII Errant armor!


Jes Goodwin Sketch circa 1980s


updated to 2010’s


Current MK VIII Plate?

13680046_761591087316605_485523466480924731_o 13679857_761590857316628_1429336586666666535_o 13934900_761591507316563_7078696180963092871_n 13902780_513011745563248_2681321335946862265_n 13938172_513011728896583_1769147298241589808_o 13913743_513011755563247_2384489637245726585_o 13958238_761591327316581_5335709311185440992_o

The Story So Far:

Source Phenix Hobby

13923505_595354210643135_7862319718649314932_o 13909432_595354253976464_1413289118453364159_o 13912587_595346963977193_3333174503025748611_n

Lots of muli-part goodness is coming our way with this sprue for sure. Plus checkout those successor chapter pads as well!

Source: Faeit







Checkout that sweet Artemis miniature, modeled after the old 54mm Inquisitor version from yesteryear:


Source: Scanner

WARHAMMER 40000: DEATHWATCH DICE Hobby Product $20

cassisus deathwatch

The new Deathwatch Starter set is on the way, and it looks like this will be a true limited time offering by Games Workshop. They were quoted as telling account today that it is a limited time offering, and the only way to get the single Deathwatch box set components “early”.

Multiple industry sources have reported to Spikey Bits the following:

Death Masque – Core Game USD – $150 / CAD $180

The first place to get the all new Deathwatch Veterans frame (NEW)!
An Awesome cost savings for customers (over $400US / $500CA of product if purchased separately).
208 soft back Mini 40K rulebook
40 pages softback Death Masque booklet, which contains background, missions, datasheets and full rules for the contents, including an exclusive Formation for each force

Full list of miniatures:
Deathwatch force
(5) New Deathwatch Veterans [New model]
Deathwatch Captain Artemis [New model]
Eldrad Ulthran [New model]
(1) New Deathwatch upgrade frame (allows customers to upgrade standard Space Marines to Deathwatch Space Marines) [New model]
(5) Space Marine Vanguard Veterans
(1) Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought
Harlequin Force
(12) Harlequin players
(1) Harlequin Death Jester
(2) Harlequin Skyweavers
(1) Harlequin Voidweaver

Wow so at full retail let’s break that down:

1 Watch Captain Artemis $33?
5 Deathwatch Veterans  (Sternguard Vets? $50)
5 Vanguard Veterans $40
1 Deathwatch Upgrade Sprue $15?

Venerable Dreadnought $46

1 Eldrad Ultran  $40? (Two Sprue Clampack format?)
12 Harlequin Players $80
1 Death Jester $26
1 Voidweaver $41
2 Skyweavers  $40
1 Harlequin transfer sheet.

Rulebook $40?

That’s nearly a $440 retail value at known pricing structures!

Red alert for all our wallets this week!

New Deathwatch Rumor Roundup

deathwatch minis all

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