Anvil Industry Unleashes The Black Ops Strike Team

Anvil Industries

Death from above! Anvil industries unleashes the black ops strike team for all your jump pack needs. We all know that jumping in is the best way to start a fight. Add these specialist troops to your army and they will surely win some battles for you on looks alone. Scary.

Via Anvil Industry

Black Ops Strike Team with Jetpacks $28.68

Anvil Industries

Black Ops troopers with an affinity for bloody close quaters combat are are assigned to Aerial drop Strike Teams, using Jetpacks to drop on their enemies without warning or mercy. At point blank range, rifles are given up in favour of heavy combat blades and compact pistols.

The kit contains –

  • Parts to build five Black Ops Strike Team figures, with lots of posing options
  • Sprue of Black Ops Pistols (6, including 2 special weapons),
  • Choice of either Combat Blades or Chain Axes.
  • An entire set of 4 Punchy Fists!

Note that the 30mm bases and rubble bits shown are NOT included in the standard kit (to keep prices down for people who want to use other bases) but can be added to your kit with the tick boxes if desired.

You can also choose to remove the Jetpacks and replace them with Standard Thermal Power plants, or nothing at all if you want to use other Packs.
These guys are the perfect Assault Marine squad. Stand out with your army and have a sweet Black Ops Strike Force!
First to fight. Last to fall.

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