Are K’Nex Better Than LEGO? Ball Rollercoaster

By Zeb Barrett | August 19th, 2016 | Categories: LEGO, Offbeat

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This may be better than every other LEGO post we’ve made! Don’t miss this incredible ball machine made from an insane amount of Knex!

Started on January 21, 2013 and finally finished over 3 years later on June 20, 2016. This Citadel K’Nex Ball Machine is a must see!


Source: Shadowman

After 3 years, my K’Nex ball machine Citadel is finally finished! This machine features more than 45 new elements, 5 different lifts, and 2 new path separators that separate into 17 paths. It’s also themed, with K’Nex men all over the place working on it, giving it a factory-type feel with catwalks and stairs. There are 3 total motors, one of which powers all 3 floor lifts. The actual time it took to build is one year, there was just a long break in between. All of the paths (except one) were built in 6 months, starting in December 2015.

The Facts

Began Construction: Jan. 21, 2013

Finished Construction: June 20, 2016

Height: 8 feet

Width: 5 feet 3 inches

Depth: 4 feet 2 inches

Pieces: Coming soon

If you can’t get enough of this feat of K’Nex enginnering then you need to check out these pictures of the finished machine! To get more information about this machine stop by Shadowman’s YouTube!

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