NEW BITS – Kromlech Juggernaut Rippa Kill Squad


Orks love to smash stuff! Give them some Mega Armor ans=d they will always be happy. Grab some armor from Kromlech and show off your Green army!

Via Kromlech

Juggernaut Rippa Kill Squad $90.86



juggernaut-rippa-kill-squad (1) juggernaut-rippa-kill-squad (2)

This bundle contains one Orc Juggernaut Rippa Squad, three models, and an additional two Juggernauts with flamers. If you want different proportions or rocket versions then let us know in the comment field during checkout.

These imposing miniatures stand about 50mm in height when assembled; not counting exhausts!

This set is 10% cheaper than buying 5 separate models.

This Rippa Squad is ready to become your next Ork Mega Nob squad, with Mega Armor. Watch them wade into the enemy lines and lay waste!


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