GW’s Gloss Washes Are Like Cheating: Tutorial

By Kenny Boucher | March 24th, 2019 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, How To Tutorial, Next Level Painting, Videos


This new Nuln oil gloss isn’t just good. It’s ridiculously good. It almost makes me mad that I had to live in a world until now without this product.

I think about all the times I used a wash on metal and had to practically re-do all my highlights over again. It seemed like it would almost be just as fast as starting with a dark silver and building up than to use my wash. This Nuln Oil Gloss however works amazing.


Pro-tip: don’t get lazy on your brush size when you’re washing. Got little details, use a little brush. Got a big gap? Use a big brush. It’s not science I just know what works.

This is the starting model with the colors blocked out. This is basic. Level 0, not even level 1. So how do we get to the first level? Well, this amazing Nulin Oil Gloss makes magic happen.

Pro-Tip: Pro-Tip, Shake your washes until you don’t see any pigment on the bottom, that’s how you know it’s ready.


Note: Shaking it hard makes it bubble, which can dry, I pour it out into this handy dandy palette, and by pallet I mean bottle cap, and using that.


You can see in the video that for the fingers and such I use a thin brush, for his big braids I use a bigger brush. I’m not a scientist but this works.


I’ve noticed it does take a bit longer for it to dry than the regular wash, but it also gives us more time to play with it, which is good.

Note: wash is ruled by gravity, if you tilt your model up and you’ve put too much it’ll drain down. You’ve been warned.


I know you could have used your own gloss medium in the past and made your own wash, but still, the more I use this the more I can’t believe we’re only just now getting this amazing product.


It seems like almost 90% of this guys trinkets are metallic which makes this really easy for us. Make sure you get a bit of black into his plume and his beard. I’m going to mix up with a bit of the Reikland and let it mingle.

You can see that after just a wash the model looks a billion times better.


The difference between that and the NEXT level is about 15 minutes of dry brushing and some highlighting. That’s it. That’s bringing the hobby back.


If  you want to see this happen in real time hit the youtube link.

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