Paint Your Terrain in Only 10 Minutes!

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Today, on the literally best of all days, we’re showing you how to bang out an entire tournament’s worth of terrain in your own beats lab, super fast!

Yo dawg, Kenny Boucher here, beaming to you from the Hollywood Hills. Today, we’re going to show you how to take your terrain to the next level!

Ancient Technique 1: Shake the S*#& out of the can. Turn it upside down. Flip it upside down, use that wrist action and pretend your mixing up some dough to get that ball to roll around that bottom rim. You’re going to want to watch the video to really see how I get down deep in this rattle can to unlock that pigment.

Step 1: Rattle Can Tech is the truth; don’t overlook this key part of your hobby arsenal. You’re just going to press down on the trigger, no bursts let it flow, do it quick, and keep your can moving.

Step 2: Grab the world famous, Army Painter Shadow Grey. We’re going to blend it in, hit the flatter broader area’s but you want to leave some of that black intact. You’re going to try and leave some transition using this rattle can air brush.


Step 3: Now, we’re going back to black and adding a bit more back in. This is what helps us get those sweet transitions. It’s a back and forth technique.

Step 4: Back to Shadow Grey and ringing out the edges. That’s a solid piece that’ll work on your table any day f the week, especially the literal best day of all the weeks.

We’re not done yet because this is next level painting.

Step 5: We’re going to use that dark black Vallejo wash and run it through our actual air brush, we’re going to thin it out a bit more and turn down our PSI so it doesn’t just blow our wash out. And we’re going to wash this whole terrain piece.


Note: we’re making this terrain so that it matches the dwarves we did in our other videos and we’re using the exact same paints.

Step 6: Now we’re going to add some more air brush thinner to make it a less dark.

Step 7: Dry Brush, now we’re going to grab a big flat brush, not huge, but we’re going to add this menoth white bone color to highlight this.


Pro-Tip: if you use white to highlight your terrain, stop; stop using white to highlight right now. Switch to a more natural bone color. You’ll thank me within two minutes of putting on your first bone. It’s so more natural and much more realistic.

Step 8: Menoth White Highlight, now we’re going to focus on the ridges with dry brush technique to make it pop. It’s like edge highlighting but for dry brushing.


Step 9: Calvary Brown, watered down a bit, and we’ll attack the broad flat surfaces, very subtly.


Step 10: Now we’re going to dry brush Orange Brown to highlight that Calvary Brown.


That’s it, we’re done. Don’t forget to check out my twitch live stream, please check out my Pateron page, and as always please become a member of the Long War today.

Paint Your Terrain in Only 10 Minutes!

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