AoS to 40k Chaos Crossover – Nurgle’s Rot

blight king

For all the Papa Nurgle lovers we’ve got a very special showcase this week by Top Miniatures painting studio. We had the opportunity to paint some of the best looking Chaos models from GW, the Blightkings of Nurgle.

The color scheme:

Certainly a centerpiece to any Age of Sigmar army, they deserved a special paintjob. We’ve decided to have them painted in our best quality, the Level 4, on which we deliver miniatures worthy of being a top level painting contest entry.


The armor for all of them has the same green, rusted theme, and their skin is painted in a very pale zombie-like shade and with blood dripping from their open wounds. And since we had 5 of these guys we thought why not make each one of them unique?

The first Blightking is dual-wielding an axe and a sword. It was a really cool feature to paint them in two different contrasting fire and ice effects.

11 Dual BlightKing

The second one has a little nurgling fooling around at his feet, and a second one coming out of his belly. We’ve used slightly more khakhi/brown shades for the armor, horns and boots, and a very nice green tone on his axe.

You can use Warpstone Green from GW for this effect. It’s a really good color which you can mix with black for the dark areas and also with yellow for the highlights to give the weapon that green glowing effect.

22 Axe Blightking

Third guy is also dual wielding an axe and sword, and he’s in full plate armor. We have applied a lot of weathering on him and used a purple color for his sword which makes it have an eerie glow.

33 Axe Sword BlightKing

The “bell bearer” has the same axe color as the second Blightking, but we’ve added extra features for him. We decided to paint the 3 Nurgle dots from his belly to be sick looking eyes. We modeled an extra eye for his base as well.

This one looks very realistic since it’s painted to look vascular, with red veins around it.

44 Bell Bearer

The last of our champions has a scythe as his main weapon. His right foot is completely rotted, as a result of the smell, the Nurgling in front puked his guts out. Very graphic scene there! 😀

55 Scythe Blightking

They make a nice addition and centerpiece to the Nurgle army!

complete army

If you want to see them more detailed, checkout the video showcase below:

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