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Have you been having trouble getting your stuff to that next level? Come see how to get that one on one time with how to use your airbrush!

Perhaps you have an airbrush but have decided to only use it for basecoating and big miniatures.  Well it’s time to break it back out!!

Are you like me and tired of not getting the results you want out of your minis, well then give Ck Studios a shout they got you covered!!


They can help you take your minis from this


To this

Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending one of CK’s airbrushing courses. The class walked you through the step by step process of airbrushing in a way that was both hands on and easy to understand. They showed us how to do everything from basing all the way to edge highlighting. So who are CK Studios and how can they help you? Meet Caleb Wissenback and Kat Jackson!!


They offer one on one and group classes, that will help you get better no matter your skill level. They do this by not only showing you how to paint it, but also by teaching you the theories behind what you are doing.

Once you have a grasp of the theory its much easier to do it again on your own. Every student that attended our class saw tremendous strides in there painting.

Just look and see for yourself:







IMG_0866 IMG_0875 IMG_0903 IMG_0926

So remember to check out CK Studios if your looking to improve your skills. They will help you get that extra edge you were looking to put into your models.


Visit CK Studios

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