From Zero To Hero: How To Start Playing Warmahordes


Ever been to afraid to start playing a new game from scratch? Come see one hobbyists stab at starting to play Waramahordes!

Level 0, newbie, noob, clueless, etc..  These are all things I am as I start a brand new miniature game. This weekend I will attend what is called a Journeyman League for Warma-Hordes (Basically Warmachine and Hordes combined) at my local FLGS. The only other miniature war game I have played is Age of Sigmar which I really enjoy so I am basically entering this blind with no idea what to expect.

Privater Press Journeyman League Rules 


My reason for the move is that the Age of Sigmar league plays on Saturdays from 1-5 pm. This is a less than ideal time for someone with a full time job. Not to mention a wife with a full time job,who wants to see her husband! Look, and let’s be honest, American football season is right around the corner. Tailgating and watching my team lose in the last 2 minutes of the game is a weekly tradition. Really does not lend itself to many open Saturdays in the fall! Also I am going to try and suck in as much sunlight as possible before the 6 months of grey that is known as “winter” covers the Midwest.

This new league has its first game on Saturday, but you can schedule your weekly game with someone any time you want as long as there is an open table and it is played at the store. So the playing time is much more flexible which is ideal for me, now I just need to learn the rules…


Another nice thing about a Journeyman League, is the entrance fee is cheap! You build up a force overtime, so you can try it out with a minimal investment. For myself, I went with the Troll Bloods. I liked how the models looked. It was only $35 bucks off amazon! I figured even if I hate the game, I will have 4 inexpensive models that I will enjoy painting.

Note I have no idea how these miniatures play or even how the rules of the game work, I went solely off how the models look. I wish more people would do that instead of max / min.

In preparation for my first game, I plan on reading the dang rule book! There is also one free online I intend to peruse.

I am also going to search Youtube for gameplay videos that hopefully explain turn order and whatnot. As for the models themselves, my goal is to put them together and prime them. Hopefully at least have one or two base coats on them so I can tell them apart.

My final goal is to have fun and meet some new people! This is a new store I have never gamed at before. A friend of mine said I should check out the Journeyman League. I’m hoping the community is supportive of new players (they should be) and isn’t a toxic “win at all costs” group. While I fully expect to lose more than win, I expect to have a good time losing! Otherwise what is the point?

If I enjoy the game, I will do a weekly write ups on various topics. Things I have painted, models I plan on adding and why. Not to mention battle reports for the entire campaign, which is 6 weeks.  I will take note of tough to understand rules or situations and address them for the rest of us.

Week Zero:

  • Ordered Starter Box (35 dollars)
  • 0 Miniatures painted
  • 0 games played
  • Status: Still a newbie

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An avid homebrewer and Detroit sports fan (yes even the Lions). I am new to the world of wargamming and very much enjoying the journey. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to comment on the article or email me at

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