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Archaon Everchosen is definitely an epic model and by following this painting tutorial you can make yours epic too! Checkout what Warhammer TV has for us!

Warhammer TV has a new and truly epic painting tutorial on Archaon Everchosen! Take a Look!

Source: Warhammer Tv (facebook)

The Archaon Everchosen painting guide is the most in-depth and detailed we’ve ever done.
If you want your Chaos Army to be led by the Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?) this guide is invaluable.

archaon how to paint

archaon how to paint

archaon how to paint

archaon how to paint

archaon how to paint


Archaon Everchosen: $165.00

Archaon Everchosen

Spoken of in fearful whispers by warlords and kings, Archaon is the shadow of Chaos falling upon the Mortal Realms.

Greatest of the Dark Gods’ champions, the Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse, he is the Everchosen – the doom of all.

Uniting the armies of Chaos with his fist of iron. Wielding the legendary daemon sword the Slayer of Kings. Mounted upon the terrifying, three-headed beast Dorghar. He rides out to meet the forces of Order that seek to loosen the grip of Chaos.

Archaon – the Three-Eyed King, the World Razor, the Thirsting Predator – will see to it that Sigmar’s heroes fail in their quest. The united hosts of Chaos will unmake the Mortal Realms in their terrible, howling glory.

This kit contains all the components necessary to make one absolutely staggering and intimidating model.

Covered in the gifts of the Dark Gods, he bears the Armour of Morkar, featuring numerous Chaos markings, inscribed with runes of warding and malice.

His vast winged mount, Dorghar, has undergone countless horrific mutations as he consumed souls from the carcasses of Archaon’s bested foes. Huge wings, faces of unfortunate Stormcast Eternals embedded within his skin, three daemonic heads and twin tails.

Eighty-five components in total are included, with a gigantic Citadel 160mm Round base.

This was probably one the best videos I have seen from Warhammer Tv yet! I hope they keep up the good work and continue to bring more content like this to us!

“Painting for the Paint God”

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