How To Paint Khorne Daemons – Showcase Tutorial


This week we’ll be showcasing the Bloodcrushers that we painted for a bigger Daemons army. Come see to paint red and gold Top Minis style!

Choosing the colors

This week we’ll be showcasing the Bloodcrushers! We have painted these for a bigger Daemons army. They are an elite unit with a really cool looking model, so they definitely needed to be painted with our higher painting qualities!

The Bloodcrushers are part of a large Khorne army, so choosing the colors for them was not that hard. We kept the bright red and orange scheme of the rest of the army. A few more details were added to make them stand out from the rest.

Daemon Army

The Armor Pattern

Painting the armor of such detailed models in just one color wasn’t enough for us! We gave it a more unique look by painting different patterns on the Mephiston Red base color. The end result looks really good and even makes them stand out from each other.


The Metallic Parts

We decided to paint the metal underneath the red armor using a simple non-metallic metal technique for silver. A similar effect for the gold on the edges of the mount’s red armor was also used. We achieved the silver effect from combining different shades of grey with blue on a dark grey base. This gives it a more metallic look and white highlights on the edges. Working on the gold was really similar, by using a brown to yellow blending with bright yellow highlights. It’s not an advanced non-metallic metal technique, but nonetheless looks great!


Painting the Hellblades

We wanted to create corrupt and daemonic effects for the swords and set the whole thing ablaze. To do this, we hand-painted a bright yellow pattern on each sword. The colors we used are similar to the ones used for the golden armor. You can have the same effect by painting a base of Mournfang Brown, with an XV88 layer on top of it. Then blend that XV88 brown onto different shades of yellow near the edges. Finally highlight the edges with white.



They definitely needed a freehand on the banner to make them even cooler. To do this we gave them the Bloodletters’ banner, and with a little inspiration from the banner printed on the Bloodletters’ box we did a similar design on this one but with a slight pink touch to it.


The Celtic Runes

To give even more eye-candy to the banner we have written on its back side with glowing runes inspired from the Celtic ones we’ve also used on a lot of the models from the same Daemons Army.



Similar to the rest of the army, the nuclear wasteland bases fit them well. Who doesn’t like green slime coming out of rusted steel pipes? 😀


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