Kromlech Breacher Tread Bike – NEW BITS

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Hauling ass and getting paid! That’s what it’s all about for Space Marine bikers. Come and see the newest take on the Imperium’s best bikes from Kromlech!

Via Kromlech

Legionary Breacher Bike $15.50

legionary-breacher-bike legionary-breacher-bike (1) legionary-breacher-bike (2)

This set contains one high quality resin Legionary Breacher Bike armed with twin Thunder Guns. Designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale heavy armoured troopers. As an additional parts you get biker legs and arms which you can combine with Legionaries torsos, heads, shoulder pads and backpacks sold separately.

These models will make great alternate Space Marine bikes for your Fast Attack choices.

“Ride or die… or both!”

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