Anvil Industry Autocannon Suppression Team – NEW BITS

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Anvil Industry has been on point lately with their Warhammer 40k compatible models. Here is their Autocannon Suppression Team, ready to target your enemies. 

Via Anvil Industry

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BLACK OPS Suppression Team – Autocannons $28.74

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Black Ops Suppression Team with Autocannons

A set of five unique and stunningly detailed high quality resin figures. Designed for quick and easy assembly but with plenty of optional parts to customise the figures.

Equipped with  Reinforced Load Bearing Exo-Armour and devestating Heavy Weaponry , Black Ops Suppression Teams are deployed to support assaults where heavier fire power is needed to take out a target, or to create a breach in enemy lines for Fireteams to exploit. Suppression Units can destroy almost any target, but need to work together with assault fireteams for maximum effectiveness.

The kit contains –

  • 5 Unique Body components (Legs and torso) + 7 different Heads with optional extra optics.
  • 4 different Arms and Advanced Comms Backpack, with which to make a Gunnery Sergeant.
  • 4 Autocannons with arms, and 4 spare Ammo Boxes.
  • Power Plants and Shoulder Pads to complete the figures + various optional extra equipment parts.

Gaming Bases are not supplied with this kit, as we want to keep the price as low as possible for people who wish to supply the base themselves. You can add a set of Anvil Gaming Bases using the drop down menu, at a significant discount against purchasing them separately.

These guys would be the perfect Devastator squad for your Space Marine army.

“Let the devastation begin!”

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