New Chaos 30k T-Sons Sorcerer, Painted!

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Ahriman The Exile hor wal

Come see the Chaos 30k Thousand Sons Sorcerer all painted up and ready for the table top in hobby maniac Athrawes’ latest update!

Credit where credit is due B&C User Athrawes won the T-Sons Chaos Sorcerer off eBay last week, and now he’s all painted up!

Ahzek Ahriman

(Captain of the 1st Fellowship, Magister Templi of the Corvidae, Chief Librarian of the XV Legion)

30k 40k sorceror painted horus heres thousan sons arhiman




Athrawes’ assembly WiPs:

thousand sons sorceror new chaos plastic leak pictures

I put in a bid on that eBay auction for the Pre-Release Ahriman/Sorcerer a week ago for a laugh, but I never thought it would end at my one bid.

I have to say the sculpt is beautiful, but while many of the mold lines are very well hidden, some of them arent, and there are a ton of mold lines on this model. Additionally there is very little room for customization beyond a backpack, right arm and head swap.

I don’t mind though this will be a beautiful sorcerer, once painted. I’m still not convinced about the head, so I’m going to magnetize it to swap around with a Achaen, and bare head. I’ll reserve judgement until I can paint it.

thousand sons sorceror new chaos plastic leak pictures (6)

(And a size comparison with one of my Sergeants)

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