Waaagh Class Titan – Orky Conversion Corner

Waaagh Class Titan

Those pesky orks and there converting of some of the imperiums most prized possessions!! Looks like a Waaagh Class Titan to me!

Checkout one amazing titan brought to us by hobbimaniac Incog Neo.

Waaagh !!!

Waaagh Class Titan Waaagh Class Titan

Waaagh Class Titan

“Paint it red Gork or Mork loves that color!!”

This Week’s Top Conversion Corners

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About Joshua Dunkerly

Hello All, My name is Joshua Dunkerly. I have been a hobbyist/player for 15 plus years. I Like a multitude of tabletop games but mostly enjoy the ones where I get to build or paint something!!! Dont get me wrong the game part is fun. But there is nothing like putting a model you are truely proud of on a table.

  • ResidualRose

    “.Sweet mother of Machine-God…”

    *charges up Thermo-cannons*

    “…Ave Mechanicus, Xenos-Heretek!”

    Seriously, though, looks pretty awesome!

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