GW’s Newest Formation For Warhammer 40k!

By Rob Baer | October 6th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k


Come get the skinny on Games Workshop’s latest formation for Warhammer 40k that is bringing yet another alpha strike to the game!

The Space Marines just got this new formation in their boxed army this week. Behold the Strike Force Ultima formation.

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This is a deceptively simply formation that can land a ton of extra firepower on the first turn, and combos well with existing formations for the marines as well. Plus Astartes tactical doctrines and the formation composition itself can really make this one standout from both a power level, and hobby perspective.

Checkout just how good of a deal this formation’s box set is:

We’ve seem pictures now for all the new GW releases going into October, and now we know just how good the Strike Force Ultima is:


Strikeforce Ultima -$250

  • 1x Drop Pod $37.25
  • 1x Land Raider $75
  • 1x Razorback $41.25
  • 1x Stormhawk Interceptor $55
  • 1x Terminator Captain $25
  • 5x Sternguard Veterans $50
  • 5x Terminators $50
  • 10x Tactical Marines $40

MSRP: $373 Total Savings: $123.50 (Around 33% Off)

Dang that seems like a pretty solid box set for sure! Lets hope it sticks around though the holidays, as I imagine a lot of folks will be smitten with Genestealer Cults, Kill Team, Blood Angels, and Chaos Space Marines for the next few weeks!

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