Starting a New AoS Army – 1000pts Greenskinz Orcs

Can’t stop the pain! We’re here again to show you how you can get started with Sigmar and build some great armies! This week it’s the Greenskinz!

We have done 1000 points for the two starter set armies which include Order and Chaos Grand Alliances so let’s turn our focus to Destruction. Given Chaos and Order are the most fleshed out Grand Alliances right now (come on GW another Stormcast Release!) but I think we will start to see them flesh out Destruction and Death in the near future. Getting back to starting the force currently the best (and cheapest) way to begin starting an army (outside of the starter sets) is the start collecting boxes. So for this week we are going to focus on building around the Start Collecting Greenskinz box.

orks greenskinz

Currently this is going for about 65 bucks also on Ebay.

  • 1 Orruk Warboss on War Boar (140 points) 1 of 4 leaders
  • 1 Orruk Warboss with Great Waaagh Banner (140 points) 2 of 4 leaders
  • 1 Orruk Boar Chariot (80 points) No unit type
  • 5 Orruk Boar Boyz (100 points) No unit type
  • 10 Orruks (100 points) 1 of 2 required battle line units

So your new total is 560 points and covers 1 of your battle line units so you next step is to fill in that last battle first. That leaves 440 left which you can play around with.


Let’s start with the first option and you need to buy a second battle line unit. Price wise I would go for another unit of 10 orruks which you can get for around 20 bucks.

  • 10 Orruks (100 points) 2 of 2 required battle line unit

Your new total is 660 so you need some sort of unit to fill out your army, but what kind of destruction army doesn’t have goblins in it and their fun little toys. Let’s add a pair of Doom Divers which are very reasonably priced on ebay right now going for around 10-20 per model so let’s say 15 dollars each. They hit on a 3+ wound on a 3+ have -1 rend and do d3 damage. On a miss you roll a dice and on a 4+ you can pick another unit within 10 inches of the one you missed and hit them instead. Also if you place them next to each other (within 3 inches) they do d6 damage instead of d3. Then for kicks add a Grot Shaman (5 dollars off ebay , do not get the Moonclan / Night Goblin one) he can cast a spell on one of the Doom Divers to increase its rend by 1 and add 1 to the wound roll.

  • Doom Diver Catapult (120 points) 1 of 2 artillery
  • Doom Diver Catapult (120 points) 2 of 2 artillery
  • Grot Shaman (80 points) 4 of 4 leaders
doomdivercatapult green skins

This brings your total cost to $120 and leaves 20 points out there. The strategy for this army in my opinion would be to turtle with the shaman and Doom Divers in the back, and the orruks holding a battle line. The Doom Divers can basically hit anything in the field of play every turn and if someone gets close to them have the shaman switch to arcane bolt instead of the Doom Diver buff. By the time units get to your battleline of orruks and boss with Waagh Banner, the stronger units should have suffered some mortal wounds. Protect your flanks and mop up units using the mobile forces of the Boarboys, Warboss on war boar, and the chariot.


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