Water’s For Suckers? – Emperor’s Champion Fountain

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A little elbow grease and ingenuity is all it takes, and even you can have a sweet rusted and damage fountain like mine. Water? That’s for suckers!

This Emperor’s Champion Fountain is just one example of what is possible with a few spare items and a bit of ingenuity. Opportunities to build wargame terrain are all around us. I recently picked up this Emperor’s Champion model in a grab bag for almost nothing. I knew right away I wanted to make him into a statue, it was only later that I decided on a fountain as the best way to show him off.

The build included styrene sheet, tube, half and quarter round rod, PVC board, chip board, playground sand, an Aquila, joint compound (filler), and finally an empty shotgun shell.

Perhaps the most complicated part of the process was the brick wall. I carved the brick pattern into PVC foam board and then filled the grooves with joint compound for grout.

The model was painted in a bronze metallic color and then aged with several different shades of patina wash, later the same treatment was applied to the Aquila and fountain spouts.





A little battle damage tells a story. In this case paperclips were used for rebar. The cutaway pieces from the hole were used to make the debris scattered around the blast hole.


Secret Weapon Miniatures leaf litter adds a feeling of age to the piece



A bird’s nest made from static grass with an apoxie sculpt egg


The wall height was made with cover and line of sight in mind


See more work in progress pics at www.theartistofwar.com

“For great hobby glory!”

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